Behold the Bitter Monument

by The Diving Bell

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The Diving Bell's debut EP


released November 18, 2014



all rights reserved


The Diving Bell Chicago, Illinois

The Diving Bell is named after a proto-submarine that sailed near Panama in 1869 was left to rust there. Behold the Bitter Monument tracks its journey of exploration, invention, discovery, regret and redemption.

The Diving Bell debuted in early 2014 and has performed on WGN Radio, and at venues such as Lincoln Hall and House of Blues.
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Track Name: We Came, We Conquered
When I was young and brave
I sailed with the crew of the Whiskey Jane
South and south and south
It got warm, then cold again

To the edge of the map and farther
We sailed through waters fierce and fair
To wonders that lay beyond us
To be the first ones there

We came, we conquered
The wild frontier
We asked and answered
Every question there
Til there were no more

She had a Pontiac like a pirate ship
Bent on risk and ill-gotten gain
South and south and south
To the coast, in a torrid rain

We sent men into orbit
Then got bored and brought them home
The west is won and settled
There are no more unknowns

‘Twas the dead of night and winter
When the wind began to whisper
There were lights beneath the water
And a song

So much yet to prove
But nothing to explore
Track Name: Heart Can't Break
Your heart is a muscle that can’t break
That’s just an excuse indulgent people like to make
The heart can atrophy; you can get heart disease
But it doesn’t snap, it’s more a fade

I’ll go get us drinks they make by hand
It’s a long, strange show and you should come and stand
But you’re on your phone; you’d rather be alone
I will watch you watch the DJ spin

The tender heart softly weeps
The bold heart burns, its soul ablaze
But hearts can’t break
I want to burn your clothes and car
I want you close here in my arms
But hearts don’t break

Your heart is an organ that you play
It’s an instrument without much tact or subtlety
When I feel your breath along my face and neck
There is power and energy
Track Name: Pacific Pearl Co. 1869
We sailed the first great submarine
Sank down in that dark machine, oh yeah
We dove where no one had before
Breathing on the ocean floor, oh yeah
Saw the bottom of the world
It was empty, it was cold
We set the craft ashore
Stood there like the fools we were, oh yeah
Like the fools we were

The violent will of technology
Transcends every boundary, oh yeah
The bright blue sea turns violet and then black
Seven fathoms deep
Yet we dove to harvest pearls
And found a barren reef
So you can build the first great submarine
And still a failure be
Still a failure be

Julius, the engineer
Poured the rum and built the fire, oh yeah
The ocean is vain and she is cruel
And loath to suffer fools
We passed the bottle and we sang
For history and for shame
Behold the bitter monument and
Mourn the deepest diver, spent
The bitter monument

The men all went their separate ways
Mostly back home to the states, so yeah
‘Til just the engineer remained
Where his heart and vessel lay, so yeah
At the low tide, he would meet her
There along the shore
And the wind would echo forth
The beauty of her form and force, oh yeah
Of her form and force

That was 1869
In spring 2001
They found her crusted through with pearls
And heard her quiet song
Heard her song
Track Name: Wake Up
Lay your head like a weary soldier
Leave it there resting on my shoulder
Listen to the sound of the music playing
Listen to the music if your heart is breaking

Wake up, wake up and rise, my dreamer
I’ll stay close beside you till the last day
If you fade, If you fade I will bring you back
If you fade, If you fade I will bring you back

Requiem’s dark bells just clatter
The resonance of death is shattered
Truth like fire will never falter
Transcends the tongue of the ancient liar

Put a penny over your eyes, love
With a prayer-tipped tongue I will sing you home
Track Name: Holy Roman Empire (live)
It was the Holy Roman Empire’s final afternoon
The waning Caesar leaned against his golden throne
He saw the seven hills and seven seas and
Issued one final decree
A survey given all of Rome
I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here
Please rate it on a scale of one to five here
Five is highest, so you’ll please say five here
Please say five, please say five
Please say five for me

The Visigoths, in stupid uniforms, lined up at the gates
They were just violent, no refinement or good taste
That’s when Caesar wept, ‘cause Caesar knew
Sometimes that’s all you can do
For the hour was getting late
We’re fading like the Holy Roman Empire
I wish I would have held you closer
I wish I’d kept more so I could remember
Remember you, remember you
Please remember me

We were glorious, powerful
We were fortunate, beautiful
We were fearless and invincible
We were careless and corruptible
What we had was lost in fire
Like the Holy Roman Empire

A star was shining over Bethlehem and everybody’s bags and mules
Were packed and they were bound for Christendom
Caesar tried to take the high road so
He said, ‘That’s cool, you’re moving on—
But hell if we didn’t have some times!'
Now sing for Rome
Track Name: Belly of the Beast You Love (live)
You can’t talk your way out of
The belly of the beast you love
Whether you believe it
She knows you don’t mean it
Keeps you safe and warm

Nor will you change her ways
That’s the nature of the beast you crave
She’s a lonely rider
Not a holy martyr
That’s just what she says

The beauty of the beast is
The master of the feast is
The office of the priest is you
All at once you feel it
All your songs reveal it
Still her arms conceal it
Inside of
The belly of the beast you love

You know the beast will get that look again
And who will bear your burden then?
She’s your creation
Dark addiction
Deep within